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Obesity is epidemic in the U.S., and current treatment approaches have demonstrated limited long-term success for most obese patients. Leveraging new understanding of severe obesity caused by specific genetic defects has the potential to improve both diagnosis and treatment for specific types of life-threatening obesity.

Diet and lifestyle modifications remain the cornerstones of weight loss therapy but are limited by a lack of long-term success for most obese patients. The long-term efficacy of these interventions and for existing drug therapies is often limited by the counterregulatory mechanisms of the human body. For example, with diet-induced weight loss, typically there is a large decrease in energy expenditure that offsets the weight loss.

The Genetic Obesity Project serves as an online resource for patients, families, and healthcare providers. The Genetic Obesity Project is dedicated to improving the understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of severe obesity that is caused by specific genetic defects–particularly rare genetic disorders that result in life-threatening obesity.

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